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Wireless DNC



There is no wireless Do-Not-Call list, per se. Rather, telemarketers are prohibited from autodialing or delivering prerecorded messages to wireless numbers without prior permission. A telemarketer who manually dials may still be able to call cell phones so long as that number is not on any other state or National DNC list. New FCC rules go into effect on October 16, 2013, which specify how the required prior express "written" consent must be obtained. Because the consent is difficult to obtain, and because other exceptions are limited, many call centers must now scrub out all wireless numbers from their calling lists. Telemarketers can pick from several industry vendors for assistance with both necessary wireless scrubs: (1) national carrier list of all cell prefixes, and (2) list of land-to-cell ported numbers. If you are manually dialing, have prior express written consent, or have another exemption, you may not need to scrub out wireless numbers except for in certain states. Some states completely ban telemarketing to cell phones. Again, at the federal level, the cell phone rules normally relate to autodialing specifically, and not to manual dialing. Learn about avatar telemarketing compliance, which is treated like prerecorded voice messages.

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