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This site is designed to inform call centers and telemarketers about state and federal Do-Not-Call laws (DNC laws) and regulations.  Both the federal government and certain state governments have established Do-Not-Call laws and lists to protect consumers in their jurisdictions.  Call centers may not initiate telemarketing calls to numbers on state and federal Do Not Call law lists unless they qualify for a Do-Not-Call law exemption. Generally, only commercial (not informational) calls to numbers on the Do Not Call databases are prohibited.  Learn more about telemarketing  laws for charities and nonprofits. Calling numbers on the Do-Not-Call law lists may subject the telemarketer to significant Do Not Call telemarketing fines.  Various Do-Not-Call law exemptions exist and the telemarketer should be familiar with these Do Not Call rules to maximize the telemarketer's callable lead pool.  Below you will find a short summary of No-Call laws regarding several different types of Do-Not-Call Laws.

National Do-Not-Call Laws:   The FTC and FCC maintain a national Do-Not-Call law (DNC) list. Consumers can easily add their numbers to this database by visiting the FCC’s website. Over 75% of all residential telephone numbers are now on the national No-Not Call law list. It is a violation to call numbers on the national Do Not Call law list unless you have an exemption.  Telemarketers must purchase the DNC database and regularly scrub against the updated list.  When a call center first registers to obtain the Do-Not-Call list, they will be assigned a business-specific "Subscription Account Number."  The Do Not Call law Subscription Account Number (SAN) will allow you to obtain your first 5 area codes for free (all numbers added to the DNC from those particular area codes).  Then, the telemarketer must purchase additional area codes for fee of $62 per area code up to a maximum annual fee of $16,714 for the entire nation. Telemarketers are not required to purchase Do Not Call area code data for locations where they do not call.  For example, if the call center will only be calling certain states, the call center will only need to purchase the area codes from those particular states.

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